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Are you a Muslim who’s looking for an easy way to meet your future spouse? Perhaps you’re worried that the day is drawing near when your parents announce that there’s someone they “want you to meet”? If so, you may want to find out more about Social Muslims. We hold various events for single Muslims throughout the UK and have thousands of members in our database, which is growing every day.


More and more Muslims are coming along to our events in the hope of meeting the right person for them. You may be surprised at just how many young Muslims are seeking a husband or wife, but don’t want to find them in the traditional way. The Muslim dating pool can seem rather small, but on arrival at one of our events, you’ll soon realise just how many options you have. You’ll see that despite mounting parental pressure, you don’t have to just settle for the first person that comes knocking.


Meet Other Single Muslims near you 


Most Muslims aren’t allowed to date prior to tying the knot and this can pose problems for people who want to spend time with and get to know the person who they’ll spend the rest of their life with. In Islam, you’re expected to make a declaration of intention without physical interaction with the person you’re to wed. Unlike people from many other faiths, you can’t date them in the traditional sense, taking them out for lunch for example or chatting over a drink in the local pub. That’s what makes Social Muslims so popular amongst single Muslims who want to find their husband or wife without interference from their loved ones.


If you’ve grown tired of ‘introductions’ by family members who are desperate for you to find someone to marry, it could be time to take control of the situation and head to a Social Muslims event. Our events provide the perfect setting for getting to know potential matches in a safe and non-threatening environment. Chat with other single Muslims over a mocktail or a game of pool, or why not head to a Team Scavenger Hunt!


Widen your Social Circle!


Social Muslims events offer the ideal opportunity to widen your social circle. Even if your main goal is to find the perfect person you are going to marry, there’s also the chance to meet lots of new friends who share not just your faith, but interests too. Whilst you may arrive at your first Social Muslims event feeling nervous and probably a little apprehensive, don’t be surprised if you leave it with a handful of new friends! We hold all kinds of events throughout the year, so keep checking our website and Facebook page for updates. We have many excellent reviews and even been responsible for a number of marriage proposals! Why not find out for yourself just why Social Muslims is so popular amongst those seeking to meet Muslims in the UK.

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