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If you are a single Muslim, looking to meet like-minded Muslims, then Social Muslims is a great place to begin. We have allowed 1000’s of professional UK based Muslims meet, network and even find love!

Why are we different?

We know it’s difficult to find someone online, through dating apps and the local Rishtah Aunty. Therefore, we host networking events, which in our opinion helps you to really and truly understand compatibility and its various dimensions. Our events avoid the countless hours of trawling through profiles to find a suitable match, plus if you don’t meet ‘the one’, at least you can make new friends and have fun!

Our amazing team of hosts share your core values as a Muslim and will take time to really get to know you and help you break the ice with the other attendees of our events.

We do also offer one-to-one personalised match-making, which means we will carefully select other Single Muslims that are tailored to your requirements.

And don’t worry, there are 1000’s of members in our network already and it’s growing every day!


How do you get involved with our Single Muslim Events?

It’s so simple….As soon as you’ve read this article look at our events pages to get yourself booked on to the next event:

Or alternatively, give our hotline a call for more information – 02078713067


So what are you waiting for? Join The Social Muslims Network today and take that first step on your journey to meeting someone and making lots of new like-minded friends!


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