Meet Like Minded Muslims The Modern Way

We are 3000+ UK Based Professional Muslims, looking to meet, interact and engage

Muslims make up 1 in every 4 people in the World, this means there are lots of us! As much as prejudice certainly exists among our communities, we share common values, which are not always represented very well by the mainstream.

Social Muslims exists as a platform which addresses the challenge of Muslims meeting, interacting and developing friendships and a Marital relationship. Our unique proposition is simple. We ensure you are able to meet like-minded Muslims in an informal, non-threatening and private environment.

Our events are usually based around a fun interactive activity, such as ping-pong and scavenger hunts. Everyone who attends always takes away something to treasure; a new friend, a potential future partner or simply attend and have a great time.

So if you are bored of dating-apps and matrimonial websites

Social Muslims is certainly a great alternative for the modern day Muslim professional. We are a community of over 3000 UK based professional Muslims, looking to meet-up, interact in a modest way, to ultimately make new Muslim friends and find a potential partner for life.

Get yourself down to our next Muslim Networking Event 

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