Amazing things to do this year with Social Muslims

Salam Fellow Social Muslim,

Too often peoples New Years resolutions are negative, “I will not eat carbs at lunch” and then we feel unhappy and downbeat when we break our resolution at the first hurdle. As Muslims we should stop setting up a series of battles within ourselves and always look forward.

So instead of making silly, un-achievable New Years resolutions, create a wish-list of things to look forward to.

Why not write down a few things you want to take out of this year, for example “I will attend a Social Muslims networking event”, “I will try and make a few new friends”, “I will pro-actively speak to people that interest me”….and then GO DO IT!

As a first step to looking forward this year and being more enthusiastic, come along to our next professional networking event at Bounce and meet like-minded, professional Muslims just like you.

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in attending your next social event. I am 47 years old.


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